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Our Company

What We Do 

Pass Fire Protection specializes in servicing, maintenance, installation, and training for Commercial Kitchen and Paint Suppression Systems, Dry Chemical Systems and Fire Extinguishers. Our company is fully equipped to perform on-site services for any business. We are licensed, bonded and insured to work with a wide range of commercial, government, industrial, and construction businesses. 

Our Personalized Approach

We understand each clients situation is different and requires a unique approach. Through our professionalism, integrity, hard work and expertise, we are dedicated to consistent excellence and are here to provide solutions for each individual business. We believe trust is the foundation for building great relationships. Our team at Pass Fire Protection values each client relationship and are always excited to build new ones. 

Customer Service

& Knowledge 

We strive to provide excellent customer service for our clients. Our company has been built on the foundation of experience, knowledge and safety. With over 35 years of experience in Fire Protection, we continuously provide the knowledge to assist our clients with fire prevention solutions per NFPA, IBC and IFC Codes.

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