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Fire Extinguisher Sales and Equipment

One of the first lines of defense for fighting a fire starts with a fire extinguisher. We ensure each extinguisher is properly located and installed for easy access and is kept maintained in the event of a fire. We believe it is important to maintain fire extinguishers to protect lives and property. We will make certain that each extinguisher is compliant according to the State, Local, and National fire safety regulations. Our experts are fully equipped to perform services at your location or ours. 

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Instructor showing how to use a fire ext
  • ​​Monthly Inspections

  • Annual Inspections

  • 5 Year Maintenance on all types except ABC extinguishers

  • 6 Year Maintenance on ABC extinguishers

  • 10 Year Hydrostatic testing on all types except ABC
  • 12 Year Hydrostatic testing on ABC extinguishers
  • Extinguisher replacement
  • New extinguisher installation with certification
  • Extinguisher signs and cabinets
  • Extinguisher refill and recharge
  • Extinguisher disposal and recycling
  • Extinguisher training

On Site Services

Our Inspection Process

Visual and Physical Inspections

  • Visually inspect each extinguisher and confirm it is in its designated area and there is no obstructions to access or visibility
  • Check the gauges, cylinder, hoses, seals, pull pins, etc. for any damagePhysical shake fire extinguisher to verify the powder is not solidified

  • Tag extinguisher with inspection date and technicians initials for inspection records

  • Provide a detailed report of all extinguishers, including the locations,  services and/or maintenance due if needed at the time of the inspection.

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