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 Paint Booth Suppression System

Do you have a restaurant, food truck or paint booth with a suppression system? Our experts can fully service, maintenance and perform inspections to make certain your suppression system is fully operable so you are  protected in the event of a fire. In addition to fire extinguishers, a fully compliant and functioning fire suppression system is not only important but essential to provide constant protection for your business. Proper nozzle placement, clean fusible links and changed cylinders ensure your system is ready when needed. A well maintained and inspected system will suppress fires after a fire starts with no involvement by personnel. We will make certain your suppression system is inspected and tagged so it is fully compliant according to the State, Local, and National fire safety regulations. Contact us to schedule your service today! 

On Site Service​s

  • Semi annual and annual Inspections 

  • Compliance

  • Emergency service calls 

  • Nozzle and fusible link replacement and relocation

  • Hydrostatic testing

  • Tank replacement

  • CO2 cartridge replacement

  • Place systems back in service

  • Training

  • New suppression system installation for food trucks


Need a Quote? Have questions about our services? Or just need some friendly advice on fire protection? Call or email us today. One of our experts will contact you within 24 hours. We look forward to meeting you!

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