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Most people are unaware on how to use a fire extinguisher, much less the different types of extinguishers for the different classes of fires. Having basic knowledge on fire extinguisher use is very important and can help save your business and employees. We will demonstrate how to put out a fire using the P.A.S.S. method in a safe environment and provide each employee the opportunity to have hands on experience. Your team will gain the knowledge needed, including emergency evacuation plans, extinguisher use, and other fire protection equipment. Contact us today to schedule a training session! 

What is Included

Learn the P.A.S.S. Method

    • Pull the pin​

    • Aim at the base of the fire

    • Squeeze the lever above the handle

    • Sweep from side to side

  • Education on different types of extinguishers and their uses

    • Water and Foam

    • Carbon Dioxide

    • Dry Chemical

    • Wet Chemical

    • Clean Agent

    • Dry Powder

  • Fire evacuation procedures

  • Common causes of fire

  • Maintenance and inspection requirements

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